Bucket Trolleys Van Oord

Five trolleys are installed on five racks to manage rock dumping buckets. Location: On board of Storness, Owner Van Oord. Designed by Kenc Engineering BV.

These trolleys are installed to give or take buckets and properly stow them on storage racks. A Stainless steel heavy duty cabinet is installed on deck to control all trolleys. A Siemens PLC is installed, including remote I/O stations on all trolleys. Trolleys are normally operated from the tower control room (TCR) or by radio.

Asisto part in this project:

  • Stainless steel deck control cabinet, including Siemens PLC, Vacon Drives, brake resistors and video distribution
  • 5 remote Profibus I/O stations, installed on trolleys, including Siemens Remote I/O and video multiplexer
  • 5 sensor packages for trolleys, including Profibus angle transmitters and proximity switches
  • 46 video cameras, including cabling
  • Siemens PLC software in TIA Portal
  • Siemens screen software in TIA Portal